Room 3's Group Work Wiki (Term 4 2006)

This wiki is where we are going to share some of our class work for this term..

Issues Concerning the Wellbeing of Young Teenagers

This is the space where you will put all your group work associated with the issue you are promoting through your advertising campaign.

You need to refer to the information on the main class page (Issues) as to the actual requirements for this task.

It is up to all members of your group to ensure that your page is kept up to date. You will need to use your page like a log (think about the requirements for a science fair log book). Yes, you will need to record everything you have done, successes, disappointments, learnings, frustrations etc. This means that you will need to delegate a group member to keep it updated each day or each day you spend time on this work.

As you complete each activity you will need to display it here - copy it, upload it or link it to another source.

Here are some questions that also need to be answered / reflected upon once you have finished the whole campaign.
1. What was the goal of your group project? )What was the main point you were trying to communicate to your intended audience? What concepts / ideas were you trying to share with others?
2. What did you do as you planned your project? (E.g., selecting topics, finding resources, using storyboards, outlines)
3. What changes did you make while you were planning it? (Changes in content, organisation, media, language?)
4. In what ways did your classmates and teacher give you suggestions on how to improve your project?
5. How long did you work on this project? How much time did you spend on planning, gathering and selecting information, editing and putting it all together?
6. Do you wish that you had been given more time to work on this project? What else would you have done?
7. How did you select the information to include? (What resources did you use? Why did you leave some information out?)
8. How did you decide which media you would use to make your information clear?
9. Which types of media did you include, e.g. graphs, photos, "movies"?
10. Which was the most successful media? Explain
11. Who is your audience? How did you choose information and media to capture your audience's attention?
12. How would you change your project for a different audience?

NOTE: You are only to add information, links etc to your group's page!

The results from the groups:

Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4, Group 5, Group 6, Group 7, Group 8