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15 Striking Print Ads That Show the Audacity of Nazi Germany

The Third Reich, Germany’s Nazi era, existed from 1933, when Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist German Worker’s Party came to power, until 1945, when the regime collapsed at the end of the Second World War. At the time of Hitler’s rise to power Germany was recovering from the First World War and coming to terms with the conditions imposed by the Treaty of Versailles. As evidenced below, the media of the Third Reich era were instrumental in creating the impression of a confident and stylish modern European country, with an air of optimism and triumphalism reflected in the print ads of the time.

Liberation of Auschwitz

In Picture: Auschwitz

Holocaust Documents

Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

1. The power of Nazi Propogandahttp://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204271104574290581271478134.html
This is a brilliant slideshow in the Wall Street Journal of the poster the Nazis used in their anti-semitism campaign and the strengthening of the Nazi Power base.
2. State of deceptionhttp://www.ushmm.org/propaganda/ – this is the source of the Nazi propoganda posters and much more – this is the state of deception exhibit.
3. Voices on Anti-semitism - http://www.ushmm.org/museum/exhibit/focus/antisemitism/voices/ this is a podcast series from the Holocaust Museum

LIFE Magazine has just unveiled newly discovered color photographs of Adolf Hitler. They’re pretty amazing.

LIFE actually has divided these color photos into several slideshows:

Adolf Hitler, Up Close

Adolf Hitler Among The Crowds

Adolf Hitler’s Private World

Hitler’s Humble Beginnings

You can learn the story behind them by watching this online CNN video.

Stories from Actual People

Personal Stories


Life After the Holocaust: Stories of Holocaust Survivors After the War

Nesse Godinis a survivor of the Siauliai ghetto in Lithuania, the Stuffhof concentration camp, four labor camps, and a death march.

Here is a link to her personal testimony

Holocaust Personal Histories

The Schindler Story

This is the true story of one remarkable man who outwitted Hitler's SS men to save more Jews from the gas chambers than any other single person during World War II.

Children of the Holocaust

Explore the biographies of Children of the Holocaust

Holocaust Survivors

Though they survived the Holocaust, most have not escaped from the pain. Read the stories of the survivors.

Telling Their Stories

Read, watch and listen to interviews conducted by high school students.

Voices from the Lodz Ghetto

Survivors of the Shoah

This Holocaust survivor Web site was put together by Steven Spielberg. Watch survivor testimonies and read information about Holocaust heroes

Holocaust Survivors and Refugees -

Over 30 hours of interviews with eight Jewish survivors and refugees from Poland, Germany, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Holland, and Austria

Survivor Interviews

Read interviews of people who made it out of the concentration camps alive.

A Holocaust Story

Stories from the NZ Listener

Video / Movie Links

Video Clips of Holocaust Survivors Speaking to High School Students

Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies

Holocaust Movie Clips

Virtual Reality Movies

Hidden Children and the Holocaust

is an online exhibition from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. It includes closed-captioned video about the saga of Jewish children who were hidden from the Nazi’s.


Some of these may be quiet disturbing - Read the captions before deciding to view the image!

Galleries of Holocaust Images

Images of the Holocaust

Auschwitz-Birkenau - Set of Flickr photos

Photos of what the places look like today

This page will allow you to view the pictures Stuart Nichols took on his visit to Auschwitz

Other Research Sites

Links to Topics about the War and Holocaust

The Holocaust - A Learning Site for Students

Holocaust Encyclopedia


The Holocaust

Links to a variety of sites on the topic


Very comprehensive list of links to topics about the Holocaust



Holocaust Encyclopedia

weaves photos, narratives, and historical footage into a web presentation on more than 20 Holocaust topics, including antisemitism, pogroms, the Third Reich, the "final solution," the... (Holocaust Memorial Museum)

Holocaust Memorial Museum: For Students

offers multimedia exhibits filled with artifacts and photos that help students learn about the Holocaust. Topics include Kristallnacht, the St. Louis ocean liner, the rescue of the... (Holocaust Memorial Museum)

Maine Holocaust Education Network

We are a group of educators and students sharing and collaborating with each other in order to understand the Holocaust and work towards preventing future holocausts, genocides, and other human rights atrocities.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Includes information and links on genocide

Holocaust wiki

Holocaust Links

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Online Exhibitions

They just have an extraordinary collection of online and interactive presentations.

PBS: America and the Holocaust

This program is about the complex social and political factors that shaped America's response to the Holocaust. The story of the Klein family's struggle to emigrate from Germany is highlighted. Students can read primary source documents and interview transcripts. Includes a timeline, maps, and biographies of people involved in these events.

Museum of Jewish Heritage

Visit this museum's online exhibits to read and see how the Holocaust devastated the lives and tore apart families of many innocent Jewish people.

PBS: Daring to Resist

This site has information about Jewish resistance fighters in the Warsaw Ghettos of Germany. See pictures and read testimonies.

Holocaust and World War II

Browse through a series of articles about the Holocaust and WWII.

Concentration Camps

Visit the site and experience this painful history. Includes an interactive map that includes links to photographs of concentration camps.

Holocaust Resource Center

This University of Southern Florida site has video clips of survivor testimonies, thousands of pictures, and audio files of music. You can also take virtual tours of concentration camps.

Holocaust Timeline

This History Place site has a thorough timeline of the Holocaust. The timeline covers Adolf Hitler's rise to power all the way to 1963. Within the timeline there are links to the concentration and death camps of the Third Reich.

Grolier Online

This site offers an overview of Hitler's life.

eThemes Resource: World War II

This eThemes Resource covers the events of World War II (1939-1945). There are several first-hand accounts in text and audio from people involved in the war effort. Other topics include life on the homefront, the role of women, and the type of airplanes and weapons used. Includes biographies, letters, images, posters, video, and audio clips.

ThinkQuests - There is some useful information on these sites

Holocaust Home Page

Horrors of the Holocaust

The Holocaust: A Tragic Legacy

Ash Rain

Learning About the Holocaust

Teacher Links

We Remember the Holocaust

This is a series of lesson plans about the Holocaust for elementary students.

Teacher Vision

There are lesson plans on the Holocaust for different grades.

eThemes Resource: Literature: "The Diary of Anne Frank"

These sites focus on Anne Frank and her famous diary. Learn more about her life story, her family, friends, and the secret annex where she hid during World War II. There are also many historic photos, online quizzes, lesson plans, and suggested activities. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on the Holocaust.

eThemes Resource: Literature: "Night" by Elie Wiesel

These websites are about the book "Night" by the author Elie Wiesel. Includes author biographies, interviews, time lines, lesson plans, activity ideas, study guides, and resources on genocide. There are links to eThemes Resources on the Holocaust and World War II.

Best Sites to Learn about the Holocaust from Larry Ferlazzo

I thought I’d quickly put together a “The Best…” list of sites I’ve used with my students to help them learn about the Holocaust.
You might also find The Best Web Resources On Darfur useful.
Here are my choices for The Best Sites For Learning About The Holocaust (and are accessible to English Language Learners):
Here’s a very accessible short history of the Holocaust.
How Stuff Works has an excellent collection of short and accessible online videos about the Holocaust.
Holocaust Remembrance Day is actually recognized internationally on January 27th. Here is a Breaking News English lesson that provides audio support for the text on that day.
That lesson, designed for English Language Learners, is followed by an online exercise.
The United States Memorial Holocaust Museum has many resources. Life In The Shadows: Hidden Children and the Holocaust and Life After The Holocaust are multimedia presentations that are particularly accessible to English Language Learners. You can find all their online exhibitions here.
Flight and Rescue is another multimedia (including closed captions) online exhibition of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. It describes the flight of 2,000 Polish Jews to safety.
Encountering Auschwitz is a closed-captioned movie on that concentration camp.
Give Me Your Children: Voices From The Lodz Ghetto is another accessible presentation from the Holocaust Museum.
The Story Of Anne Frank is a “talking book” created by students.
Hilter’s Rage is another student-created site about the Holocaust.
Kristallnacht In Words and Photographs is a slideshow from TIME Magazine about “the day the Holocaust began.”
The History Channel has an excellent site on the Holocaust.
The BBC has a good animation about concentration camps, particularly Auschwitz, but it’s probably only accessible to advanced ELL’s.
Darfur is not the only place in the world where genocide is happening today. Genocide in the Congo also comes from the Holocaust Museum and has, among other elements, a journal written by Angelina Jolie. She also provides audio of the text.
Remembering The Holocaust is a slideshow from The Wall Street Journal.
Brainpop has two good movies –one on the Holocaust and the other on Anne Frank. Unfortunately, you have to purchase a subscription to view them, but they do offer a free trial.
Here are some materials on non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews from the Holocaust:
Irena Sendler was a Pole who is credited with saving 2,500 Jewish children.
The Teachers Guide to the Holocaust has materials on many “rescuers.”
I’ve also shown clips from movies portraying Jewish resistance to the Holocaust. Here are some Youtube links to them, though I’d encourage you to get the movies and show lengthier segments:
Defiance is the recent movie starring Daniel Craig.
Uprising, about resistance in the Warsaw ghetto.
Grey Zone, about an uprising at a concentration camp.
If you don’t want to rent the movies, and your school blocks YouTube, you can learn other ways to show these clips at school at The Best Ways To Access Educational YouTube Videos At School.
And here is one last teacher resource — The Museum of Tolerance has a lot of resources on the Holocaust for teachers.
Also, David Truss left a comment to both share a post from his blog reflecting on his visit to the Holocaust Museum in Israel, and to suggest a poem be added to this list:
“In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;
And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;
And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;
And then . . . they came for me . . . And by that time there was no one left to speak up.”
Pastor Martin Niemöller
Another suggestion in the comments section came from Edna, who recommended I include the Educational Materials from the Holocaust Museum in Israel.
The New York Times Learning Network also has several good lessons on the Holocaust.

Some more Links

Some of these may be repeats of links above
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