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One child policy - the cause of the rising suicide rates?

Research Questions

  • What age has the highest suicide rate in China?
China, age, "suicide rate", highest, relations
Answer: those aged 20 to 35
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  • What percentage of the Chinese committing suicide are only children and what percentage have siblings?
Chinese, suicide, Children, "only child", percentage

  • Are only children in China raised differently to Children that have siblings?
China, "only child", "child with siblings", raised, childhood, different
Answer: some married only children have all four of their parents taking care of their kids. A lot of Chinese parents also buy houses for their children.
  • What are the main reasons for suicide in China?
China, suicide, "main reasons"

  • Are Suicide rates in China higher in middle class citizens?
China, "suicide rates", middle class
Answer: Yes
  • How does the one child policy affect the mental health of the Chinese nation?
China, " one child policy", "mental health", affect, relationship

  • Have general teaching practices changed since the one child policy was introduced?
China, "teaching practices", 1978 - 2008
Answer: Yes

  • What are the main exams that Chinese children have to sit?
Chinese, children, "main exams"
Answer: The National College Entrance Exam, commonly known in China as "gaokao"

  • Are more men or woman committing suicide in china?
China, "men and women" suicide
Answer: China is the only country in which the suicide rate is higher among women than men. The male/female ratio of suicide increased between 1991 and 2001 and the trend is likely to continue. The suicide difference is driven entirely by young rural women: only that subgroup had a much higher suicide rates than their male counterparts.